Artificial Intelligence will Solve America’s Crime Problems by 2025. Find Out How it Will Help You.

We all want safer cities, so it’s no surprise that a data-driven approach is helping make America’s streets and back-alleys the safest in the world. Policing is a complex problem to solve. Dangerous criminals, large areas to cover, limited man-power, and the randomness of the real world all hide patterns and behaviours that AI is particularly well-suited to identify.

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With the advent of large-scale surveillance and data collection, a stronger statistical approach to policing can now be employed. You may have heard how Compstat helped clean up the streets of New York over the last 4 decades by looking for statistical patterns in police data. Now imagine you combine that with the information police forces can now buy from instagram, google, and facebook, and any blind-spots can now be eliminated. Sprinkle in some of RGI’s latest deep-learning models and crime becomes easier then ever to predict and prevent before it even happens. Some people don’t like Compstat, but it seems like they must just like crime instead?

The Rapid Growth Institute has been working with several of the biggest police forces across the nation to implement the most advanced AI-powered crime prediction system ever deployed. We’re calling it STOP-aIT ™.

How can you get the most out of the AI powered police systems of the future? Here are my top 3 tips:

If your local police force isn’t using an AI approach to law enforcement, you aren’t as safe as Artificial Intelligence-ly possible. Let them know that with a little data and some of RGI’s AI expertise, they too can be on the cutting edge of policing and can help your community be as safe as it can possibly be!




New-hire at The Rapid Growth Institute. AI Enthusiast. UKD Alumnus.

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Marcus Samuel

New-hire at The Rapid Growth Institute. AI Enthusiast. UKD Alumnus.